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Our previous performances...

Our first performance: "Mayhem at the Inn" - performed at Scaplen's Court in 2019
In May 1623 a pirate's warning causes mayhem in Scaplen's Inn...


Mayhem cast photo.JPG
Mayhem flyer image.JPG

This is the programme from the Family Fun Day at Scaplen's Court when the play was performed

What the reviewers said...

"These community events really encapsulate the passion that our community has for our heritage and it’s very touching that the volunteers have given up their own time to share their knowledge with us"

(Scene One Plus) Chelsea Ball 2019

"I had no idea what to expect from a lovely Sunday afternoon at Scaplen’s Court but I had a wonderful time. The play I saw Produced by Carole Allen (who also took part), Directed by Jo Puttick and written by Don and Katy Nutt with advice from Jenny Oliver and Jo Puttick was such fun that you could not but enjoy yourself. There were sixteen players who were all excellent and brought to life the times in Poole in 1623. The play started and finished with a song, which I must admit I joined in with. I thought Don Gent as Narrator kept us all interested in the plot and held things together very well. The costumes were just right for the times and enhanced the production. Everyone’s accent was excellent from start to finish, no mean feat. I expect by now you will have guessed that I thoroughly enjoyed my super afternoon out with the Scaplen’s Court Players. Such a shame they can’t do it all again next week"

Lyn Richell, Dorset Theatre Reviews, 30th June 2019


Our second production: "Elizabeth Hyde" - performed at Scaplen's Court in 2021
It’s November 1688. William of Orange has landed at Brixham and is marching to London to claim the British throne. But James II won’t go without a fight. There is vital information that Mary, William’s wife, must get to him. In steps Elizabeth Hyde.

Click on the W to read a review of the play by Scene One Plus

Our third production: "Woodes Rogers" performed at Lighthouse Poole in 2022
Woodes Rogers and the end of the golden age of piracy (1718 - 1721)

This is the programme from when the play was performed...

...and its review

"This was the first production by the Scaplen’s Court Players that we have attended and we look forward to seeing them again in the future"


Philip & Julie McStraw – Scene One Plus

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