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About Us

Scaplen's Community Players is dedicated to promoting historical theatre in our local community within BCP (Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole) and the surrounding area. We aim to bring together people from diverse communities to better understand our local shared culture and history and to have fun doing so. If you would like to find out more about what we do please don't hesitate to contact us by email ( or via the Contact Us form on the website.

Our playwright

Katy Nutt, a local playwright, has written all our plays to date. The first three “Mayhem at the Inn’ 2019, ‘Elizabeth Hyde’ 2021 and ‘Woodes Rogers’ 2022 were all written in conjunction with Don Nutt as part of his ‘Pirates, Castaways and Codfish project. Our next play is also written by Katy and will be performed at the Black Cherry Theatre at the beginning of June 2024.

Our next play 'Unbroken Bonds,A Woman's War' is set against the backdrop of a war-torn country and explores the lives of ordinary people who lived in the local area in WW2, during a time of great upheaval and change. What impact did it have on their lives and what was the human cost of the conflict? It tells real stories of people who lived here at that time.

And a note from Katy

“Poole was the third most important port in the country in the time leading up to the D Day landings and three hundred ships set off from Poole to help with the mission. In our local area many men were involved in ship making for the war effort and many men and women were called up. This meant that the women left behind had to take over the men’s jobs, run their homes and provide the food for their families.

All women were expected to look nice, dress well and wear makeup. This of course was in a time of rationing. In all the turmoil women were central in carrying on as best they could in very difficult circumstances.

I am always struck by the way women seem to make the extraordinary seem ordinary and how brave they were”


Our main aim is to have fun doing the things we enjoy...

Activities photo.png

As well as being involved in rehearsals and performances we also offer the opportunity to take part in our activities. These include workshops, play readings, talks and demonstrations. 

Here are some examples: 


     Performance skills, fight sequences, improvisation, interaction

Play readings    

     These could be one act plays or short scenes and be of any genre. Sometimes it is fun to look at         other scripts that have nothing to do with the current play in preparation

Informative talks with question-and-answer opportunities

     From our playwright Katy Nutt, an experienced director, a professional actor, a local historian.


     Costume, hair, makeup, dance

We like to think all our activities are also social occasions but we also plan to have quiz nights, video showings of past performances and visits to see other plays being performed locally.

What people have said

Poole - Rotary

"They brought the Poole stories from our Pirates, Castaways and Codfish project vividly to life -            Poole Rotary will be forever grateful for they excellent maritime heritage theatre".

Don Nutt - Pirates,Castaways and Codfish project Manager and author

They exceeded my wildest dreams in their portrayals of life in Poole in the 1600's and 1700's; and to popular acclaim. Bravo: Carole, Jo and all involved.

Rachael De Courcy Beamish

Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure to work with so many local talented performers, musicians and writers through Scaplen’s Court Players. I have been involved in all three plays based around Poole’s Maritime history.

I actually got involved by (happy) accident – initially reading in for someone who hadn’t turned up.

 Performed within the traditional kitchen of Scaplen’s Court kitchen in ‘Mayhem at the Inn’ I ended up playing a harridan fish wife- who liked to slap heads, scream and chase harlots away! No typecasting at all.

For the next play ‘Elizabeth Hyde’I was honoured to discover that the part of Judith was specifically written for me! Mind you. I do play a very good servant wench.

Finally, in ‘Woodes Rogers’I played one of the dreaded female Pirates- Mary Read.

It was such fun to be taught how to (safely) swashbuckler with swordsand then to perform in the Studio at The Lighthouse – such a treat.

Being part of this new company, I am looking forward to continuing my involvement with Scaplen’s Community Players and being able to bring more local history to life.


Chaz Davenport
I’ve performed in a couple of plays with Scaplens Players now. Playing Blackbeard and Thomas Hyde - husband to the legendary Elizabeth. 
The beauty of working on projects like these is that you get to look a little deeper into some characters and events from history and you get to bring them to life.
As perform
ers, we love to entertain and SCP gives us a chance to combine that with educating and informing. It may sound like a trite phrase, but we’re making history fun. For our audiences and, very much, ourselves. 

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