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Rehearsals underway for our next production

We were thrilled at the number of people who came to our auditions on 13th February. The quality and enthusiasm was overwhelming and gave our director and his team a really tough job. We are delighted to announce the full cast list:

Josh Ward Harry Johns

Riley Newing Amanda Senitt

Jay Knox Dionne Polychronopulos

Dave Clements Rachel de Courcy Beamish

Peter Bennett Nicola King

David Vintner Lindsay Jones

Marie Bushell Peter Court

Molly Jackson Emma Wilson

In addition to the main play, we have four monologues to enhance the story, and these will be read by:

Veronica Ryder Elle Newing

Christopher Polychronopulos David Vintner

With such a great cast we were champing at the bit to get started, and on 20th February the cast gathered for our first readthrough, with full rehearsals commencing the following week.

Keep checking back here for rehearsal updates and ticket information.

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